Below are bicycle-related documents issue by BAC or other organizations:


DC Board Appointment Form                                                                                                                   

General Body Meeting                               Facilities Committee
09/12/12 Council Meeting                            07/20/13 Meeting Minutes
05/01/13 Council Meeting                            02/10/14 Meeting Minutes
01/02/13 Council Meeting                            05/16/14 Meeting Minutes
07/10/13 Council Meeting                            06/23/14 Meeting Minutes
09/04/13 Council Meeting                            08/27/14 Meeting Minutes
11/06/13 Council Meeting                            10/25/14 Meeting Minutes
01/08/14 Council Meeting                            12/15/14 Meeting Minutes
03/25/14 Council Meeting                            02/09/15 Meeting Minutes  
05/07/14 Council Meeting                            04/28/15 Meeting Minutes                
07/02/14 Council Meeting                             
09/03/14 Council Meeting                            Legislative Committee
11/05/14 Council Meeting                            02/05/14 Meeting Minutes
10/08/14 Council Meeting                            04/02/14 Meeting Minutes
01/07/15 Council Meeting                            06/04/14 Meeting Minutes
03/04/15 Council Meeting                            10/08/14 Meeting Minutes
05/08/15 Council Meeting                            02/11/15 Meeting Minutes
                                                                      04/08/15 Meeting Minutes

Safety, Education and Enforcement Committee

Testimony - Resolutions - Comments
Testimony - Support for Bill 19-475, Assault of Bicyclists Prevention Act
Resolution - Support of Bicyclists Rights
Letter - To DDOT regarding Florida/W. Virginia/6th (04/09/14)
Comment - Florida Ave Study (04/15/14)
Testimony - FY2015 DDOT Budget Hearing (04/29/14)
Comment - MoveDC (07/14/14)
Comment - DDOT proposal to ban bicycles from streetcar guideways (9/26/14)
Testimony - DC Council Hearing on Contributory Negligence (09/29/14)
Comment - Memorial Circle Scoping (09/30/14)
Comment - Union Station to Georgetown Streetcar EA (11/10/14)
Comment - SW Neighborhood Plan (01/26/15)
Testimony - FY14 Oversight Hearing (03/06/15)

The complete set of DCBAC documents can be found in our public Google Drive folder: here.

District Department of Transportation (DDOT)

Planned Bikeways for 2015 Map
Planned Bikeways for 2015
Paved Recreational Trails of the National Capital Region (NPS)
Bicycle Master Plan (2005)
Bicycle Design Guide (2005)
DDOT Action Agenda
Ft. Totten Metro Station (1st Place and Galloway Street NE)
South Capitol EIS
Met Branch Final EA (03/2011)
NPS Anacostia Riverwalk Trail Environmental Assessment (12/2004)
Oregon Avenue EIS (05/2011)
Bike Enforcement Scenarios
DDOT Documents on Scribd
Union Station Intermodal Transportation Center Feasibility Study
Bike Parking at Government Properties (2010)
Metropolitan Branch Trail Fact Sheet / Statistics
Capital Bikeshare System Data
Obligation Budget for Active Transportation, FY2014-2020
Bicycle Parking Requirements for Residential Buildings
District of Columbia Reports

Improving the Safety of Bicyclists and Enhancing Their Interaction with Metropolitan Police Department Officers (Office of Police Complaints Report)
    District Council Legislation

    Bicycle Safety Act of 2013
    District of Columbia Regulations

    Bike-related municipal regulations